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Athlete Spotlight: Kenza Chienku

Provided by Leah Hensley
Kenza Chienku dribbles the ball up the court.

Q: “How long have you been playing basketball?”
A: “For about six years.”

Q: “What got you interested in basketball?”
A: “My [older] brothers played, so [that got me interested] in playing too.”

Q: “What position do you play and what are the responsibilities of that position?”
A: “Point guard. I take the ball up the court and start the offense.”

Q: “What are your goals for the season?”
A: “Win games and hopefully make it far in the playoffs.”

Q: “What are your plans with basketball after graduating high school?”
A: “I just play for fun.”

Q: “What do you think basketball has taught you?”
A: “Leadership and responsibility.”

Q: “Do you have a memorable moment from basketball at FHS?”
A: “Beating Kettle Run freshman year; it was a close game and pretty fun.”

Q: “What is your favorite part of basketball?”
A: “The basketball games.”

Q: “What makes being a member of the basketball team enjoyable?”
A: “The teammates, atmosphere, [and the overall community.]”

Q: “Who would you consider as your biggest role model within the sport?”
A: “The head coach.”

Q: “How do you prepare before each game?”
A: “[Nothing much], just grabbing food and watching JV.”

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