Athlete Spotlight – Evie Goetz


Provided by Evie Goetz

Evie Goetz after a long jump in a competition.

Q: How long have you done track?
A: “Four years”

Q: How did you get into this sport?
A: “Honestly, the PE olympics in middle school. I just like to sprint.”

Q: What exactly do you do in track?
A: “I do short sprints and long jumps.”

Q: What do you like most about track?
A: “The community”

Q: Can you tell me about your track accomplishments?
A: “I got second place all state [in winter season] for long jump.”

Q: Do you have anyone you look up to within the sport?
A: “Sam Orvec, my coach”

Q: Do you plan to do track after high school?
A: “I’m thinking about it, not sure.”