Athlete Spotlight: Josh Burke


Provided by Josh Burke

Senior Josh Burke attempts the 10’6″ pole vault at a meet at Shenandoah University.

Q: What got you interested in track?
A: “My brother ran it the year before me, and he tried track out so I thought I would try it.”

Q: What events do you do?
A: “Pole vault, and I run middle distance. Well I run a lot of distances, but I run the 400.”

Q: What skills would you say are important for track?
A: “Mostly just dedication, I came in very out of shape and slow, and it just took a long time for me to get in shape for running.”

Q: Are you gonna do spring track? If so, what are your goals?
A: “Yeah, I’m not sure yet, [it] kinda depends on where I end winter track. Probably a foot, foot and a half PR, and I’m not sure [about] my running events.”

Q: How is your season going now?
A: “It’s pretty good, I got an injury at the beginning of the year but I’m coming back into it, I’m back where I was, and I am starting to PR again.”

Q: How often do you exercise and run?
A: “I usually do it every weekday and occasionally on Saturdays.”