Athlete Spotlight: Lily Retana-Rodriguez

Lily Retana-Rodriguez plays against Millbrook High School

Caden Mills

Lily Retana-Rodriguez plays against Millbrook High School

Q: Is there anyone in particular that got you into soccer?
A: “My little sister actually. She started playing it and she seemed like she had a lot of fun and then wanted me to join.”

Q: What position do you play and are the responsibilities of that position?
A: “Midfield, specifically the sixth which gives extra help to the back line defensively.”

Q: What makes being a member or the soccer team enjoyable?
A: “The people, and the team itself because we’re all friends and help each other.”

Q: Who is your biggest role model in the sport?
A: “Probably [Christiano] Ronaldo, because he is really fun to watch play.”

Q: In what way do you feel the coaches have pushed you?
A: “They have pushed me to be a better player by honing my skills through drills.”

Q: What do you think this sport has taught you or even changed you?
A: “It’s taught me how to be a better player through communication.”

Q: Is soccer a sport people should consider?
A: “Yeah they should. It’s definitely an easy sport to get into. If you don’t know how to do anything there are people that can help you.”

Q: Is soccer something you want to keep doing?
A: “Yes, I want to keep doing it through college.”