Athlete Spotlight: Wyatt Swisher


Provided by Rashadeen Byrd

Wyatt Swisher warms up in between innings against Eastern View HS.

Q: When did you start playing baseball?

A: “I started playing when I was 6 years old.”


Q: What are your plans with baseball? Do you want to play in college?

A: Yeah, I’m aiming for college. I’m trying to go to Virginia Tech.”


Q: What’s your favorite part of baseball?

A: “My favorite part is probably the support you get when you are with your teammates, and making new friends.”


Q: How does it feel to hit lead-off? What goes through your head?

A: “My mind says really just try to be aggressive. It really gets the team rolling once you get a hit and get on base.”


Q: What goes through your mind while on the basepath?

A: “It’s a different mindset depending on the pitcher… With righties my first move is to go. With lefties I am a little bit hesitant, so unless they really look like they’re going to pitch to the plate I’m not going.


Q: What do you think about this year’s JV Squad?

A: “I think we’re going to do pretty well. We have lots of potential.”


Q: What are you the most excited for this season?

A: “Definitely hitting. It’s going to be pretty fun. Team practices are also fun.”