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Athlete Spotlight: McKenna Locke

Provided by John Hand

Q: “When did you start playing field hockey?”
A: “I started playing field hockey at six years old.”

Q: “What are your plans with field hockey?”
A: “I plan to just enjoy my high school season and continue on playing with my teammates and just have a good time…also [to] make it to states.”

Q: “What is your favorite part of field hockey?”
A: “My favorite part of field hockey would be anything that has to do with my team. The Fauquier field hockey team…does a lot of team bonding activities; it is very fun.”

Q: “Is field hockey something you want to keep doing?”
A: “No, just [in] high school.”

Q: “Is there anyone in particular that got you into field hockey?”
A: “I would honestly say my mom. She was the one who told me I should do another sport. She told me to try field hockey, and the first year I did field hockey, I actually really wanted to quit and she told me to keep doing it, which I guess it’s good because I have a lot of fun with it.”

Q: “What position do you play and are the responsibilities of that position?”
A: “I play center midfield and my job is to carry the ball and distribute to my teammates. I make sure I’m tracking back to help the defense.”

Q: “What makes you being a member of the field hockey team enjoyable?”
A: “I would say any position being on the field hockey team is enjoyable…kind of the team dynamic, you get to be part of an amazing experience full of people who are kind and fun.”

Q: “What do you think field hockey has taught you or even changed you?”
A: “I think field hockey kind of forced me to go out of my comfort zone socially, and it also taught me a bunch of leadership skills. All the girls are super motivated, especially when it comes to both school and sports.”

Q: “What are you most excited for this season?”
A: “I’m most excited to keep going for the season. Right now our record is 6-0 ,so we are doing pretty good. I’m excited to see how far we go. Maybe we’ll make it to states again this year.”

Q: “In what way do you feel the coaches have pushed you?”
A: “My coaches have pushed me in both communicating with my teammates and understanding my own boundaries when it comes to field hockey and what I can accomplish. They’ve been incredibly helpful with figuring out positioning and everything that comes with field hockey.”

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